Club Safety Documentation

To download the RBYC Emergency Procedures – click here

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Safety Declarations

The NOR states that the Safety Category for each race will be designated in the RBYC Sailing Program and that all boats shall lodge a Declaration of Compliance and Equipment Checklist prior to racing in any event.

It is recommended that keelboat skippers to submit a MOB Declaration that each regular crew member has taken part in MOB (Man Over Board) training or briefing. For a copy of the Crew Register & M.O.B Record Form please click here.

Forms can be scanned and uploaded as part of the online entry process, lodged in person at the RBYC office, emailed to [email protected]

For further information, contact Dom Jackson – [email protected]

Man overboard

Safety Matters

Attention to safety is a basic requirement in any sport and particularly in one played in a sometimes unfriendly environment like the sea.

Every owner/skipper of a vessel has a duty of care for his or her crew, this obligation is taken very seriously within the sailing community which recognises the dangers of boating and have, through their governing bodies, developed a set of standards that are reviewed on a regular basis.

The Yachting Australia publication ‘Racing Rules of Sailing’ better known as the Blue Book contains a section entitled YA Special Regulations (page 179). This sets out the basic requirements pertaining to structural features, boat equipment, personal equipment and qualifications required for a yacht to compete in races organised within the authority of Yachting Australia. These regulations come to us from the international sailing authority I.S.A.F. and have some modifications for Australian conditions.

A graded system of requirements within the regulations recognises that sailing vessels come in all shapes and sizes and equipment varies depending on area of operation and length of voyage. Thus we have the Safety Category System.

Having the correct equipment in itself is just the start of creating a safer environment, being able to use various items during an emergency is just as important. Section 6 of the YA Special Regulations (page 253) sets out the qualifications required for ocean racing and recommends regular on-board training. To this should be added first aid education.

The Sailing Committee at Royal Brighton has form a Safety Sub-committee to encourage good safety practices on the water. The committee members are happy to advise on safety matters.

As from the start of the sailing season 2011/2012 it is recommended for yachts entered in Club races to in addition to having a current Safety Declaration they participate in a MOB drill or MOB lecture.

Please take time to asses your safety equipment and crew training, it might be you that needs assistance!

Safe Sailing is Good Sailing