Royal Brighton Yacht Club Boat Register is open to all members who meet the requirements as listed below. All new and current boats are required to register their boats details with the Club using the online form, any changes to currently registered boats can also  be done using this form.

RBYC Boat Register Requirements

  1. The registered boat has to be attached to a current senior member of the Club and be permanently berthed at RBYC.
  2. Any boat that is not berthed at RBYC but wish to remain on the register must have a current senior member attached and have a club registered sail number.
  3. Boats away on a long range cruise may wish to remain on the register must have a senior or senior absentee attached.
  4. Boats that are owned by the Club are also added to the register.

Boat Register Application:

[contact-form-7 id=”14928″ title=”Boat Register Application Form”]