Link to RBYC Trophy Catalogue

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RBYC has now created a digital catalogue of sailing trophies which is accessible from the RBYC website. This has made use of the resources available from Museums Victoria and provides the Club with a significant insight into its history as well as being a useful reference. As a club we have collected a great deal of sailing memorabilia over a century and a half – you will see that each trophy has a fascinating history of its own.

Over the years a great deal of work has been done by Harry Tedstone and other club members to document information about these trophies, many of which date back to the nineteenth century. This includes photos, who donated the trophy and what the trophy has been sailed for (eg. the type of race and handicap rating). Up to now this has only been available in hard copy, so not readily accessible to club members.

Now you can access all this information online using the name of the trophy or other key words. Thanks to Mary-Alice Tedstone and Sue Leaper for helping source the material and providing feedback. We know there is still a lot more information to be gathered. General Committee member Niesje Hees is asking your help to send her anything you have to continue building the catalogue!

Please send any information to [email protected]

Navigating the Site
Over 150 trophies have been loaded to the site so far. Some of these are grouped by class of boat (just click the right arrows to see all the pictures associated with a particular entry), while others have a “stand alone” entry. You should “view page” to see all the information associated with an entry.
• You can search the site using the search function (Tip: always go back to the main page to start the next search or you will be kicked out of the site and have to start again)
Examples: If you search for “Stonehaven Cup” you can see a photo of the Cup and read up on its history by selecting “View Page”. If you search for “Etchells” you will see the Etchells trophies by selecting “View Page” and clicking on the “right” arrow on the picture.
• You can also just “browse” the site and “View Page” to get more information about anything of interest. The trophies are in random order.