Tip of the Week: Keep It Deep, Keep It Powered Up

Sailing in light air is always a challenge, generally the sea state flat with not too many waves so boat set up is relatively simple.

It gets difficult when the waves are large, and the wind is light, and we are searching for power. Power is the key to keeping the boat on track both upwind and downwind.

Upwind mainsail twist is important as well so keep the leech telltales flying, as soon as the leech telltales stall the power is lost.

If we are searching for power there are key basics that all boats need to apply in light air, power is created from depth in the sails. Look at your controls and adjust the ones that add depth to your sails to increase performance.

For Example

  1. Jib cars forward increases depth of the jib.
  2. Upwind boom on center line to increase power
  3. Outhaul off to increase low down depth of the mainsail
  4. Backstay tension reduced makes the mainsail deeper
  5. Down wind sail a higher angle towards the wind as to keep the spinnaker setting, if we sail to low the spinnaker becomes unstable.

I hope the tips are helping it was great to see most of the fleet yesterday set up correctly.

Here is a short video from Wednesdays racing discussing these points.