Vic 29er camp @ RBYC: great success for everyone involved


Rarely in sailing (especially in Melbourne!) you get a full weekend with perfect sailing conditions, but that’s exactly what happened on July 21 and 22 with the Victorian 29er camp, organised by the Victorian 29er Association and Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

More than 10 teams coming from all over Victoria participated in the 2-day sailing camp, sampling all sailing conditions, from light breezes all the way to the strong stuff.

First day started at around 9AM, with the teams unloading their trailers and starting rigging. Shortly after they entered the club’s classroom and were welcomed by the 29er Association volunteers and RBYC staff.

After a brief theory lesson it was time to head out for the first on-water session. The fleet was split in two groups, with the more experienced under RBYC club coach Adrian Finglas and the newer crews under Gary McLennan and Simon Tedstone.

The boys and girls spent a solid hour and a half putting what was told in the classroom to fruition. They then headed in for a lunch break prepared by the exceptional Coleen, who has been in charge of most of the on-water logistics for the entire weekend and was nothing short of amazing at it.

The breeze picked up during the afternoon session, so the more experienced crews headed out with Adrian in the training area just north of the RBYC marina, while the newer sailors stayed in the calmer waters of the pond area.

After a final debriefing many stayed at the club for a sleepover, ready to take on the next day.


Sunday started bright and early under a beautiful sun and a mounting northerly breeze between 15 and 20 knots. Coleen prepared an energising breakfast and Adrian ran everybody through the day’s schedule. Soon after boats were rigged, coach boats were manned and crews had an absolute blast all morning, sailing up and down while performing many different drills.

Before you know it, it was time for another quick lunch break in preparation to the final on-water session. Given the increasing breeze some crews took out a couple of RBYC’s club RS Quest dinghies, which once again proved to be an excellent platform.

The multitude of grinning faces, both from sailors, parents, volunteers and coaches, confirmed the huge success of the camp on all fronts. For us at RBYC it was great to see so many enthusiastic young sailors participate and enjoy sailing in this great performance skiff, and the support provided by all the 29er Association volunteers was outstanding. Hope to have you all back at RBYC very soon!

If you’d like to organise a camp at RBYC just get in contact the RBYC sailing office at [email protected] or 03 9592 3092.