Plastic pollution: the threats on our ocean


It’s common saying that knowledge is half the battle. As sailors, one of the things we like the most is being out in the open water with our boat, navigating in pristine seas.

The sad truth is, though, that our oceans are not pristine at all: of the many contributing factors to pollution, plastic waste is by far the most prominent and dangerous for all the species that inhabit our seas.

It’s hard to miss the amount of plastic waste that washes on the beach in front of the club or in our marina everyday, and we may have seen footage from the recently concluded Volvo Ocean Race, where the boat Turn the tide on plastic has been reporting and collecting data on the amount of plastic-related pollution that affects the world’s ocean, or even experienced first hand during our sailing.

Despite all this, it it’s often really hard to grasp the scale and severity of the problem at hand. So, if you can spare  minutes, the above video from the Youtube channel Kurzgesagt is well worth a watch. Created in collaboration with the UN environment and the Clean Seas campaign, this short animated video paints a very clear picture of the threats posed by plastic pollution.