Melbourne to Osaka: They Made It!

Blue Water Tracks have made it!

Grant and Sue on Blue Water Tracks finished the Melbourne to Osaka Yacht race on Sunday at 22:40:11 JST (23:40:11 AEST) in an elapsed time of 48d 9h 10m 11s.

With the problems they faced early on, Grant and Sue continued to head north, with no sign of giving up. It was a lonely existence for them but they turned the race into a test of endurance. Determined to finish they pushed on in the fickle and light conditions that are the doldrums, hearing of parties in Osaka without them.

Unfortunately with two 20% penalties imposed by the independent international jury due to Outside Assistance, they won’t play a part at the top of the field.

Well tonight the OHYC and fellow competitors will put on a party like no other. They celebrate this fantastic achievement, the spirit which is the Osaka race. They will also celebrate safe passage of all competitors and wrap up a marathon effort for all involved.

To finish is to win so congratulations Grant and Sue from everyone at RBYC. Can’t wait to see you and hear all of the amazing stories.

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