Iceberger News: Lightweight & Heavyweight Swim

Lightweight Swim

A featherweight boxer is lightweight and fast on their feet.  A featherweight swimmer however, is light on distance and resilient in cold water.

Eleven Iceberger swimmers celebrated the inaugural ‘Featherweight Champion of the Channel’ swim on May 12.  The winds were blowing a southerly gale, the water had dropped below 14C and waves were crashing over the nearby rocks.  It was perfect Iceberger weather.

Thanks to the low tide the race commenced as a standing, stuck in the mud,  water start from second landing. The mixed field navigated past the dog beach before rounding the end red pole and making their way back to the landing. Natalie lead the field home, followed by Stephanie – although they were both disqualified for wearing flippers we applaud their commitment to cold water swimming and ‘having a crack’.

The inaugural winner, Ian ‘Cheif’ Scholes came home seconds in front of Mr Average, Peter Maddison.  Ian is now officially ‘above average’.

A race was run and won, but everyone taking part celebrated the joy of cold water swimming.  For that, we acknowledge them all and officially launch – The Annual Featherweight Champion of the Channel Race.

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Heavyweight Swim

Lucas Tucker put in a dominant performance to win the Icebergers’ prestigious Heavyweight Race by over 3 minutes this year.

This race sees our fastest swimmers swim against one another and this year’s course extended from the start of the breakwater on the south side of the pier, around the rocks, heading north past the silver, green, red poles and further still to the yellow pole where everyone turned to then head back to the marina, south along the Channel to finish at the Second Landing.

Ingilby Dickson, Andrew Rosengren, Melinda Kemp, Ben Stanford, Christina Wilhelm and Lou Lockwood rounded out the field on a day that produced rough seas and a water temperature of 13.1C (it was rough enough out there that our expert kayaker Jenny Vran battled at times to stay on board and Andrew had a couple of ‘run-ins’ with the rocks)! The battle for the minor placings was close with Ingilby finishing narrowly in front of Andrew and Melinda.

Afterwards, everyone adjourned to the warmth of the Members’ Lounge for a drink and presentations. Lucas was duly presented with the Heavyweight Belt by Messrs, Ted Baillieu and Rob Robertson.

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