Coach Tip of the Week – The Strong Stuff!

With Club Head Coach Adrian Finglas coming on board,  he will be providing a tip of the week for our sailors competing on the weekend. The tips can depend on a number of factors including weather, courses, and what events are happening.

This weeks tip – The Strong Stuff!

As the winter lows approach us we are often exposed to stronger winds ,strong wind sailing can be fun and extremely challenging . To get the best out of our boats and teams in the strong winds our Head Club Coach Adrian Finglas offers up some key go fast tips.

As the breeze increases often communication becomes an issue as the message gets blown away in the wind ,when communicating a direction face the person you are directing the message to and make it clear and simple and loud .

Power control is our next biggest challenge, FLAT IS FAST reduce sail depth is key to keeping the boat in control .

Upwind our mainsail and Headsails need to be flat to reduce power in the flying shapes ,Backstay ,Cunningham’s and outhauls need to be at  maximum tension .

Upwind the other key point often overlooked is to steer high into the puffs ,as the wind approaches you can just luff the jib slightly to reduce power and often can increase speed as the angle of heel is reduced and the keel is working .

Downwind its get the weight aft to get the bow out and have fun , I hope you all enjoy the weekend if you see Adrian around the club say hello and get some of that world class knowledge .