Coach Tip of the Week: Keeping Your Boat Fast – Calibrate

Week to week we go sailing and our performance can often be up and down, this can be the mysterious part of our racing performance.

Some weeks we may be fast against our opponents and other we may be struggle for speed, why does this happen?

The controls in a sailing boat are many and a small adjustment can either make the boat go fast or slow .The mainsheet eased 50 mm can have a huge effect on the twist of the sail, which effects speed. All sheets and control lines should be marked ,this allows our team to start to build a profile for how tight or loose a control may be set for a given wind speed.

All you need is a permanent marking pen or some colored tape to make a mark on the sheet or control line.

Labeling cleats, clutches and winches can also assist when you don’t have regular team members. Labels help find the key controls in the heat of the battle.

The Key Controls to mark are the following :

  • Traveler Position
  • Backstay Position
  • Boom Vang Tension
  • Mainsheet Tension
  • Jib Track position
  • Jib Sheet tension