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December 2nd and 3rd come and join us!

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Grab your sunscreen and come on down cause it’s time for some sailing! This year Royal Brighton Yacht Club offers you TWO Discover Sailing days during the spectacular Sail Melbourne regatta.

Discover Sailing Days are the perfect opportunity for you, your friends and your family to experience the amazing world of sailing and discover all the other fun activities that our club has to offer.

During the day you’ll be able to:

  • Go on a keel boat experience on a range of yachts
  • Go on dinghy rides for kids, teens and adults
  • Go on RHIB rides for a taste of adrenaline!
  • Try out the super cool MarineVerse virtual reality sailing gear
  • Tour our beautiful club
  • Have lunch or coffee while overlooking the beautiful bay at the Cafe

Be the end of the day we guarantee you will be amazed by how fun, safe, accessible and even affordable sailing is!

You can preregister for the event by using the buttons above. For any information hit us up with a message on our Facebook page, by email at [email protected] or on the phone at 03 9592 3092