Royal Brighton Yacht Club is visited by many members of reciprocal clubs including the Royal Yacht Clubs from around the world, therefore we ask that members make them welcome and feel at ease during their stay. Upon visiting their clubs they also will make RBYC members most welcome.

If you intend to visit our reciprocal clubs (at any time) please contact the office for a letter of introduction prior to visiting. You may also be required to produce your current RBYC (blue) membership card as proof.


Reciprocal Clubs within Australia

Club Contact Accommodation
Royal Geelong Yacht Club No
Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron No
Royal Perth Yacht Club No
Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club No
Royal Queensland Yacht Sqaudron No
Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron Yes
Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania No
Royal Yacht Club of Victoria N0
Metung Yacht Club

Southport Yacht Club




International Reciprocal Clubs

Club Contact Accommodation
Manhasset Bay Yacht Club Yes
Republic of Singapore Yacht Club Yes
Royal Bermuda Yacht Club No
Royal Canadian Yacht Club No
Royal Dart Yacht Club No
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club No
Royal London Yacht ClubRoyal Langkawi Yacht Club NoNo
Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron No
Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club No
Royal Thames Yacht Club No
Marina One 15 Singapore

Royal London Yacht Club





Other Clubs

Other Reciprocal Clubs

If you intend to play golf, please book in advance with selected club and notify of your RBYC membership for a discounted green fee (tee time may be restricted) and you will have Social membership status to use the facilities at these clubs.
Club Contact Accommodation
Spring Valley Golf Club No
Woodlands Golf Club No
Kelvin Club No