Royal Brighton Yacht Club now offers Day Passes for non-members wishing to sail out of Brighton!

We are trialling a new system which will allow all crew to be covered by Australian Sailing Insurance and also provide access to our facilities. This is an online system that is easy to use. While we encourage everyone to use the online system there will also be a physical form which can be completed and dropped into the office.

What you need to know:

How many times can I sail? A maximum of 12 times per season unless you are a member of another club.

How much will it cost? Current day passes are free, however there will be a charge next season.

What if I already have a current AS membership? You must still fill out the day pass form each time you sail (your details will be pre-filled after your first day pass).

Does this cover crew for off the beach boats? Yes

Using a Day Pass:

I have already organised a position on a boat with a skipper – Follow the link and complete the form on the day that you are to sail.

I am a skipper looking for more crew – Call the office or email and let us know when you need crew, how many and what skill level you require.

Register for a Day Pass Now