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Flag Officers
  • Commodore Paul Jackson
  • Vice Commodore Paul Pascoe
  • Rear Commodore Don Blanksby
  • Club Captain James Heywood
  • Honorary Treasurer Malcolm Mitchell

General Committee
  • Geoff Adams
  • Peter Demura
  • Niesje Hees
  • James Leckey
  • Denis McConnell
  • Vanessa Twigg

Social Sub Committee

Clarissa Flockart (Chairperson)

Mandy Jackson

Marg Rowe

Karen Johnson

Dori Perkins

David Brooks

Grant Dow

Sailing Sub Committee

Club Captain James Heywood (Chairman)

David Staley

Chris Bland

Peter Coleman

Paul Jenkins

Tracey Baldwin

Ray Smith

Simon Tedstone

David Trewern

Don Blanksby

Denis McConnell

Steve Ingram

Paul Wrigley

Race Management

Deborah Lloyd

Harry Tedstone

Ron Clarke

Paul Jackson


Paul Pascoe

Youth Sub Committee
  • Ray Smith (Chair and Manager)
  • James Hodgens (Co-chair, Coach)
  • Rod Hannington (Instructor)
  • Tony Hennessy (Coach)
  • Mark Hester (Safety Operations Manager)
  • John Pritchard (Race Support)
  • Paul Woodman (Instructor)
  • Joe Wilding (Instructor)
  • David Carew
  • Barbara Pritchard
Junior Sub Committee

S. Ingram (Chairman)

J. Leckie

F. Tyler

M. Garkel

M. Strode

S. Tedstone

M. Rowe

D. Cook

P. Jenkins

C. Ewart

L. Fasala

Yachting Foundation Sub Committee

Commodore Alan Woodward

Vice Commodore Paul Jackson

Rear Commodore Andrew Perkins

Membership Sub Committee

Niesje Hees – Chair

Clarissa Flockart

Kerry and Linda McGorlick

Recue Boat Sub Committee
  • Vice Commodore Paul Jackson
  • Club Captain Don Blanksby
  • Peter Austin
  • Mike Davidson
  • John East
  • Mark Hester
  • Paul Jenkins
  • Andrew Lapthorn
  • Andrew McBriar
Assets and Maintenance Sub Committee

Denis McConnell  ( Chairman)

Jim Leckey

Don Richmond

Peter Frith

Marketing & Sponsorship Sub Committee
  • David Trewern
  • Grant Dunoon
Cruising Group

Chairman – Roger Walker

Secretary – Jenny Collins

Rod Watson

Sandy Watson

Robina Smith

Will Merritt

Pam Merritt

David Pollard

Richard Johnson

Kathy De Garis

Peter Strain