Sail Melbourne 2017 wrap-up

Last Sunday saw the final day for the Sail Melbourne Regatta, hosted this year by Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

It’s been an incredibly eventful 5 days, with more than 340 boats coming from Australia, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Bermuda, Sweden, New Zealand and Canada all gathered in Brighton to battle each other on the race courses.

The Melbourne weather has also contributed in spicing things up on the water, with the first two days characterized by very hot temperatures and light-ish breezes. The situation started to shift on Friday when the expected front started to hit, causing an early recall on shore for some of the classes. Saturday and Sunday conditions were just too infeasible for sailing and the race committee wisely decided to cancel racing for the days. The invited classes were perhaps the most afflicted by this turn of events, having only had one day of racing on Friday.

Despite the partial weather setback the event has unequivocally been a great success. The sailors line-up was very high level in both the Olympic and Invited classes and included many Olympic medallists both from Australia and abroad. The club has provided an excellent venue with its location and facilities and the volunteers and staff from Australian Sailing and RBYC made it all possible, working relentlessly behind the scenes making sure operations ran smoothly both onshore and on the race courses.

“It is a shame that the weather hasn’t been kind to us but it’s been wonderful to have had such a good turn out at our event. […] This regatta has been going since 1992 and was coupled with the Sailing World Cup for the last few years and has continued on. Our host Royal Brighton Yacht Club has been amazing and we had a fantastic group of volunteers, who we could not have done without. It’s one of the events, which is on the sailing calendar in Australia and around the world and I’m confident it will only grow stronger in the future. In regard to the weather, I’m sure weather like this weekend will never happen again,” said Mark Klemens, Event Chairman of Sail Melbourne. Overwhelmingly positive comments were also made by the sailors who really enojoyed the vibrant atmosphere onshore and testing conditions on the water.

You can check out a few shots from the 5 days below. Also, be sure to watch this very cool YouTube playlist containing all the highlights from the regatta. Finally, you can find all the results at the following link.


Invited Classes

International 2.4mR One-Person Keelboat

  1. Neil Patterson, VIC, RBYC
  2. Peter Russell, ACT, YMCASC
  3. Michael Leydon, ACT, YMCASC

Girls & Boy’s Double-Handed 420

  1. Marcello Torre, Owen Ready, WA RFBYC / FSC
  2. Otto Henry, Rome Featherstone, NSW/WA, WSC/FSC
  3. Sophie Jackson, Laura Thomson, VIC, MYC / AWYC

Girls & Boys Single-Handed – Laser Radial

  1. Zachary Littlewood, WA, FSC/RFBYC
  2. Caelin Winchcombe, WA, GBYC / FSC
  3. Samuel King, TAS, RYCT

Girls & Boys Single Handed – Laser 4.7

  1. Boston Cortis, NSW RSYS/WSC/RPEYC
  2. Mark Louis NSW, RSYS/DBSC/CYC
  3. Kristen Wadley, QLD, RQYS, TSC
  4. Sylvie Stannage, QLD, RQYS, TSC

Open Bic

  1. Travic Wadley, QLD, TSC
  2. Hamish Cowell, VIC, BYS
  3. Ben Hodder, VIC, RYC

Optimist Open

  1. Fletcher Walters, NSW, RPAYC – (girls) Bridget Conrad, NSW, GSC/SLMASC
  2. Blake Wilson, QLD, SYC/RQYS
  3. Quinn Auricht, SA/NSW, BSYC, WSC, ASC

No Races were completed in Nacra 15, 29er, Optimist Intermediate, Kites, Sabres and Etchells.

Olympic Classes

Men’s One Person Dinghy (Heavyweight) – Finn

  1. Jake Lilley, AUS (QLD)
  2. Thomas Slingsby, AUS (NSW)
  3. Oliver Tweddell, AUS (VIC)

Men’s One Person Dinghy – Laser Std

  1. Thomas Burton, AUS (NSW)
  2. Matthew Wear, AUS (WA)
  3. Jeremy O’Connell, AUS (VIC)

Two Person Dinghy – 470M

  1. Mat Belcher | Will Ryan, AUS (QLD)
  2. Daichi Takayama | Imamura Kimihiko, JPN
  3. Doi Kazuto | Naoya Kumra, JPN

Two Person Dinghy – 470W

  1. Carrie Smith | Jaime Ryan, AUS (WA/QLD)
  2. Nia Jerwood | Monique Devries, AUS (WA)
  3. Sophie McIntosh | Orla Mulholland Patterson (NSW/WA)

Men’s Skiff – 49er

  1. David Gimour | Joel Turner, AUS (QLD / WA)
  2. Will Phillips | Sam Phillips, AUS (VIC)
  3. Judge Ryan | Hans Henken, USA

Women’s Skiff – 49erFX

  1. Amelia Stabback | Ella Clark, AUS (NSW)
  2. Tess Lloyd | Harry Mighell, AUS (VIC)
  3. Natasha Bryant | Annie Wilmot, AUS (NSW)

Mixed Multihull – Nacra 17

  1. Jason Waterhouse | Lisa Darmanin, AUS (NSW)
  2. Paul Darmanin | Lucy Copeland, AUS (NSW)
  3. Tayla Rietman | Lachlan White, AUS (VIC)

Windsurfer – RSX

  1. Joanna Sterling, AUS (QLD)
  2. Alex Halank, AUS (NSW)
  3. Harry Walker, AUS (QLD)

Bic Techno

  1. William Grimshaw, AUS (VIC)
  2. Sam Magarey, AUS (SA)
  3. Jude Smale, AUS (VIC)